DERMAKOR’s Own Brands

Filler MIXO without lidocaine have CE

Product Information:

COMPOSITION HA20mg/ml HA20mg/ml HA20mg/ml HA20mg/ml Lidocaine 0.3% HA24mg/ml Lidocaine 0.3% HA24mg/ml Lidocaine 0.3%
Packaging Unit 1.0ml х 1 1.0ml х 1 1.0ml х 1 1.1 ml х 1 1.1 ml х 1 1.1 ml х 1
Needle Туре ЗОG х 2pcs 27G x2pcs 25G х 2pcs ЗОG х 2pcs 27G x2pcs 25G х 2pcs
Storage 2С-25С 2С-25С 2С-25С 2С-25С 2С-25С 2С-25С

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