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21 ноября, 2022

Ajoure Dermal Filler

Ajoure is a HA filler with a stable gel that was made by precision cross-linking technology.
1 октября, 2022


IThe mesotherapy treatment process involves techniques that infuse the mesoderm of the scalp (the thick layer beneath the epidermis that acts as a link between the dermal tissue and the fat layer) with healthy nutrients.
31 августа, 2022

International conference DERMAKOR

International DERMAKOR conference in association with BioHealth LLC at Hilton Sevda Hall in Baku, Azerbaijan.
20 января, 2021

Korean Traditional Acupuncture Needle

Excellent feeling of insertion and easy to use, with sophisticated unique polishing technology to minimize patient’s pain.
20 января, 2021

Amabella Wrinkle hydrogel patches

Amabella patches are a versatile and comprehensive remedy against wrinkles around the eyes and in the area of nasolabial folds, bags and dark circles under the eyes.
20 января, 2021

MIXO Dermal Filler by Dermakor

MIXO is premium monophasic hyaluronic acid filler for beautiful and unique people

Buy botox online. When it’s the nervous system and muscles that are causing facial expressions to cause wrinkles and frown lines. Botulinums are the easy solution and answer to correct this.

Botulinums, with the most popular known as Botox. Act to inhibit chemicals inside the nervous system which normally cause muscle contraction and frowning. Without the chemical signal, muscles are relaxed and the face is frown and wrinkle free and expressions are normal. Botulinums are also used to treat neck or head pain and treat eye muscle spasms.

Although results only last for four to five months. Patients feel psychologically satisfied with their post-treatment appearance. Azzalure Botulinum helps treat deep vertical frown lines that are commonly formed between the eyebrows. Such lines often make the individual look unhappy, worried and uninviting.

A simple injection can lift the individuals self esteem levels. And confidence after just 3 days when the active neurotoxin ingredient starts to work on the nervous system. When the face muscles are constantly frowning. The individual will naturally feel inclined to match their mood with their facial expression.

Buy botox online. Here, in Fillers Supplies, we offer Botox by Allergan. As an international wholesale company. We cooperate only with well-known manufacturers who provide only the best quality of their goods. We and our clients have proven this agent as a very helpful tool. Such injections of Botox – Botulin toxin A – are preferred by a lot of women. Primary, to eliminate wrinkles on their face. In addition, those injections can help with the over sweating treatment in the area of the palms and armpits. However, we strongly encourage clients to know more about the product. Peculiarities of its applying and all the advantages and disadvantages in general.

Cosmetic scope

While using botulin toxin in the case of paralysis, doctors noticed that it perfectly smoothes wrinkles. This moment has introduced Botox into cosmetology. So, usually, after using Botox, wrinkles on the forehead, nose bridge and near the eyes are smoothed. It is possible to do correction in the lower third of the face, but the muscles in this area are too close. Therefore, there is a possibility to relax the wrong muscle. However, such a consequence does not carry any danger to one’s health. Just the corners of the mouth may temporarily drop. So, as we can see, injections of botulin toxin require excellent knowledge of anatomy.

On the other hand, botulin toxin is not able to completely smooth out static wrinkles – deep. That have long been formed. But despite this, botulin therapy is very effective in treating dynamic wrinkles. With excellent prevention of the formation of new ones. The result of such therapy can be observed on the second day and finally will be clearly visible after two weeks. It will persist for 3-5 months, so if the patient wants to have smooth. And wrinkle-free skin, this procedure shall be repeated in those terms.