Ajoure is a HA filler with a stable gel that was made by precision cross-linking technology.

But what is cross-linked technology?

The cross-link is a process that allows linear HA molecules to be linked together. This allows to obtain new structures consisting of several hyaluronic acid filaments with a higher molecular weight.

Did you know, that depending on the type of treatment and the composition of the HA there are two categories can be distinguished? Its Linear hyaluronic acid and cross-linked HA.

Linear hyaluronic acid was the first to be used and marketed. It's is made up of unchanged hyaluronic acid linear chains. Linear hyaluronic acid can be classified as having high molecular weight and low molecular weight.

Cross-linked Hyaluronic Acid(HA), are more recent and are characterized by the creation of cross-links between several molecules of linear Hyaluronic Acid. These cross-links are transversal bridges that join together multiple chains with the aim of creating hyaluronic acid HA macromolecules with greater size, higher molecular weight, and, consequently, greater density and permanence.

This dermal filler the best for bigger fuller lips, augmentation of face and more!

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