Exciting Developments in Indonesia and Turkey

DERMAKOR is pleased to announce significant progress in our international partnerships and product offerings. We are committed to expanding our presence in the global aesthetic and dermatology industry, and these recent developments mark important milestones in our journey.

1. Indonesia Achieves Brand Registrations and Successful Seminars

Our esteemed partner in Indonesia, Cawandra Jaya, has achieved a major accomplishment by successfully registering our brands MIXO, DK Filler Cannula, and DK Mesoneedles. In addition to this achievement, we have conducted informative seminars and workshops, which were well-received by attendees at the Indaac East Java Exhibition.

Expanding Horizons in Turkey with ELFFARMA

DERMAKOR has recently entered into a partnership with Turkey's renowned Elif Farma, expanding our product range to include MIXO, Sappire, and Polyboost brands. We have already conducted two workshops featuring Key Opinion Leaders (KOLs), Professor Dr. Hakan Erbil and Dr. Samed Şibani, to introduce these products and their benefits to the Turkish market.

2. Introducing New Brands to Our Portfolio

DERMAKOR is continuously striving to offer innovative and effective solutions to our valued customers. We are delighted to introduce two new brands to our portfolio:

BVRS PN 2% – Polynucleotide Skin Booster

BVRS PN 2% is a groundbreaking skin booster that contains high molecular DNA fragments extracted from Korean salmon. This unique technology offers numerous benefits, including rejuvenation, the recovery of damaged skin cells, increased elasticity, and naturally healthy skin. BVRS PN 2% is renowned for its painless and comfortable procedures.

BVRS PL – Effective Rejuvenation Complex

BVRS PL is an effective rejuvenation complex designed to address the main anti-aging concerns. It stimulates fibroblast activity, improving skin quality and collagen production. This preservative-free and surfactant-free freeze-dried powder can be easily mixed with a liquid collagen booster solution, enhancing its effectiveness. BVRS PL creates the ideal conditions for fibroblast activity, resulting in revitalized and youthful-looking skin.

Key Ingredients: Polylactic acid at 10 mg/ml, Trehalose 80 mg/ml

50 varieties of skin nutrients that boost collagen, elastin, and hyaluronic acid stimulation in the skin tissues.

DERMAKOR remains committed to providing advanced aesthetic and dermatological solutions to our global clientele. We are excited about these recent developments and look forward to continued growth and success in the field.

See you at ICAD in Thailand next month.


Upcoming Event: National Congress on Aesthetics and Cosmetics Dermatology

We are excited to announce our participation in the National Congress on Aesthetics and Cosmetics Dermatology, scheduled to take place from November 29 to December 3, 2023, in Belek, Turkey.

This event will provide an excellent platform for showcasing DERMAKOR's cutting-edge products and solutions to a diverse audience of industry professionals.

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