International DERMAKOR conference

International DERMAKOR conference in association with BioHealth LLC at Hilton Sevda Hall in Baku, Azerbaijan.

We hosted an international conference in Baku, Azerbaijan, on June 27, 2022, with the help of our partner BioHealth.

Cosmetologists were introduced to our products at the conference, and we provided in-depth information about each and every one of them.

Using our best-selling fillers and skinboosters, our doctor traveled in to conduct a MasterClass. All guests had the opportunity to ask questions and get straight answers throughout the MasterClass. Offline activities provide a chance to watch the process in action.

We enjoyed getting to know each and every person that attended our conference. We haven't had an offline event in a while, so it's really nice to see everyone.

We are looking forward to next year's event. Stay tuned!

Yours, DERMAKOR. #hilton #dermakor #aesthetics #cosmetology #madeinkorea

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