DERMAKOR’s Own Brands

More details MIXO Dermal Filler:

MIXO Produced by patented Nano Mesh Cross-Linking Technology for maintaining safety and long lasting filler;

Patented manufacturing technology make possible to form a MASS GEL that best represents the performance of the supporting structure in the human body.

High viscosity provides necessary volume and beautiful shapes.
More details Sappire PDRN skin booster:

The enriched formula is indicated for the prevention and control of signs of aging, regeneration, improvement of the structure and quality of the skin. Smoothing tone and improves skin elasticity.;

• The level of PDRN favorably perceived by the body; / • Noticeable effect after the 2nd procedure; / • Affordable Price; / • Ease of Use; / • Large Volume;
More details Mesothreads Sappire Lift:

  • • Molding Cog technology allows the best fixation of sagging tissues;

  • • High strength and tensile strength;

  • • Least invasiveness;

  • • Biodegradable material PDO (polydioxanone), PCL (polycaprolactone);

  • • All-season use.
More details DK Filler Canulla with punching Needle:





meso needles
More details DK Ultra Thin Meso Needles:





meso needles


Medical Devices: (Dermal Filler, Mesothreads, Filler Canulla, Mesoneedles, Accupuncture Needles etc.)

Drug export licensee: (Toxins, Vitamin injections, Numbing Cream etc.)

Cosmetics: (Professional Aesthetic Cosmetic products, Skin Boosters, Fat Dissolvers etc.)

Medical Equipment: (Laser, HIFU etc.)

OEM/ODM Assistance


As the leader in the market, Dermakor is covering 90% of aesthetic medicine practitioners’ needs under the commitments of efficiency & safety.

Through the continuous research and development with the in-house scientists, Dermakor is offering multiple professional solutions to the global aesthetic marketplace.

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Partnership Manufacturers:

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Dermakor is an online store located in South, Korea.

We provide various dermal fillers and medical device,cosmetics that are popular from worldwide with an economical price to the entire world. All products are directly supplied from Korea and we guarantee 100% honest goods. Also, the price bubbles were removed through direct business with the manufactures of medicines and cosmetics from Korea. Continuously introduce the new products of the newest trend.
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We will do our very best to become a company you can trust and have business with. Our easy-to-navigate website enhances. If you wish to make a recurring purchase. Just click the re-order button and have it delivered to your doorstep.

Here at Dermakor, we make it a priority to serve you better. So you can focus on helping your patients. Our easy-to-navigate website enhances. If you wish to make a recurring purchase, just click the re-order button and have it delivered to your doorstep. Here at Dermakor. We make it a priority to serve you better, so you can focus on helping your patients.