20 pcs/pouch (2 blisters x 10 pcs) / 10 pcs/pouch (5 blisters x 2 pcs) / 12 pcs/pouch (3 blisters x 4 pcs)

How to use
Should be performed by a certified professional.

Storage Condition
Store at room temperature. Avoid direct sunlight. Please refer to Instruction for Use for more details.

Dermakor Co., Ltd.


With age, the skin loses its elasticity and wrinkles appear, this is an inevitable process. But the desire to look young at any age and receive compliments always remains, and not everyone decides to have an operation. Mesothreads or threadlifting is a modern type of cosmetic procedure that will “remove” several years from your face and give elasticity to your skin without surgical intervention.

Threadlifting is a progressive method of reinforcing face and body tissues with mesothreads. The procedure is carried out with unique threads made from a special biodegradable material. After the expiration of time (180-240 days), the threads disintegrate into water and carbon dioxide – substances compatible with human tissues.

We present you SAPPIRE LIFT mesothreads. Three types of mesothreads are based on biodegradable material: PDO (polydioxanone), PCL (polycaprolactone) and PLLA (poly-L-lactic acid). The difference in the duration of action of the PDO material will last from 6 to 8 months, PCL and PLLA from 16 to 20 months, and threads with HA (hyaluronic acid) and PDO will retain the effect after the procedure up to 18-24 months.

Advantages of SAPPIRE LIFT Mesothreads

  • Molding Cog technology provides the best fixation of sagging tissues

  • High strength and tensile

  • The least degree of invasiveness

  • biodegradable material

  • All season use

Indications for use

  • Age changes

  • Correction of the upper, middle, lower third of the face, procedures for the entire face

  • Gravitational ptosis

  • Facial contour disorders

  • Flabbiness of the skin of the face, neck, decollete

  • Bodylifting – chest, buttocks

Different types of needles for more comfortable use

  • U type

  • L type

  • AK type

  • D type

  • W type


Sappire Lift

Mono (20pcs/pouch), Twin (20pcs/pouch), Screw (20pcs/pouch), Double Screw (10pcs/pouch), A, B cog (10pcs/pouch), FA, FB Cog (10pcs/pouch), Molding – Tulip/2, Embo, Venus/2 (10pcs), Mesh (10pcs/pouch), Dual Molding (1pcs), Molding – Tulip/2, Embo, Venus/2, Thor (10pcs)


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