November 18, 2022
PolyBoost PLLA
November 20, 2022
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Polyboost 2.5ml x 1 syringe / 1 mixing tube

How to use
Polycaprolactone and hyaluronic acid are injected under the skin and used to temporarily improve wrinkles in the face of adults through physical restoration.

Storage Condition
Do not freeze keep at room temperature below 30℃.

Dermakor Co., Ltd.



DERMAKOR introducing you Polyboost CL, injection of Polycaprolactone, which is the building material for bodies original production of collagen, will stimulate the body to produce collagen within and surely will be 100% assimilated. It’s ready for use and does not require any additional preparation.

Plyboost CL will be the perfect choice for a beginner who would like to start working with PCL fillers. It stimulates the production of collagen and elastin, and gives an immediate lifting effect, just like mesothreads, but less traumatic.

It comes in a large volume of 2.5 ml that can be used for a Full Face treatment.

Liquid PCL 120 mg/mL. Equivalent to 90 pcs of monothreads.

  • Collagen and elastin production.

  • Biodegradable medical substance, excreted to water and CO2.

  • Collagen and elastin production Non-allergic.

  • Volume augmentation and skin rejuvenation Safe, approved by FDA and CE.


  • Stimulated tissues regenerate sub-materials such as elastin, collagen, and amino-peptides, and eventually form new tissue.

  • Solubilized PCL constitutes the fixed 3D Matrix formation in the dermal layer of the skin with fine volume.

  • Continuously promotes tissue proliferation in the skin during the year.

  • Fully biodegrades from the human body up to 18 months.

How to use:

Depending on the injection zone, the amount can vary – face-2.5 – 5 ml, neck-1.5-3 ml, body – 2.5-10 ml. Using the multi injection (0.22 cc per point) or fanning technique, inject the right amount of dose into Deep Dermis 1.5 mm deep using 32G4 ~ 34G4 mesoneedle/ 23G ~ 27G Filler cannula.

Ingredient: Polycaprolacotone 120mg, Water, Sodium Hyaluronate 20mg/ml.

Packing: 2.5ml x 1 syringe / 1 mixing tube.

Storage: Do not freeze keep at room temperature below 30℃.


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    This album proves why The Woo are the best band ever. Best music ever!

  2. Maria

    Can’t wait to start mixin’ with this one! Irba-irr-Up-up-up-up-date your theme!

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