PILLOX Premium V-line Lipolysis Solution



PILLOX Premium V-line Lipolysis Solution

PILLOX 10ml x 5vials

How to use
Should be performed by a certified professional.

Storage Condition
Store at room temperature. Avoid direct sunlight. Please refer to Instruction for Use for more details.



Active ingredients: Sodium Chloride,Horse Chestnut, Fucus Vesiculqsus Extract, Fucoidan, Carnitine, Pycnogenol.

Efficacy / Effect: It can effectively reduce the number of fat cells and the size of fat cells. Since there is no steroid component, the procedure is relatively safe.

Pillox Lipolytic is a fat-melting solution for the local reduction of subcutaneous fat and correction of body contours and shapes. The product contains no steroids and PPC; it has only natural ingredients in the composition, such as algae and plant extracts, carnitine, fucoidan, and pycnogenol. Fucoidan presents a polysaccharide found in brown seaweed; it is known to inhibit lipid accumulation by stimulating lipolysis.

Pycnogenol is an extract of French maritime pine bark; it promotes browning of white adipocytes to beige adipocytes thus turning “bad” fat into “good” fat. In addition, pycnogenol also has anti-inflammatory and antioxidant effects. Carnitine is another fat-burning component; it enhances fat metabolism by transporting fatty acids to mitochondria for their further conversion to energy. Plant and algae extracts reduce inflammation after the procedure and provide hydration to the skin.

Strengths of Pillox Lipolytic:

  • Minimally-invasive alternative to surgical fat removal (liposuction)

  • Ideal solution for those who wants fine local correction of body and facial contours.

  • Natural composition: no steroids, PPC, and preservatives.

  • High-purity and sterile product of medical quality.

  • Painless procedure: no anesthesia is required.

  • The product brings some elasticity and smooth texture to the skin.

PILLOX Premium V-line Lipolysis Solution

  • PILLOX Premium V-line Lipolysis Solution. It can effectively reduce the number and the size of fat cells.

  • You can take a relatively safe procedure because it doesn’t contain steroid ingredients. It is a low-viscosity pinkish liquid containing an adipolytic ingredient.

  • This highly functional slimming booster with a non-sticky and fresh feel texture is highly absorbent and fast penetrates deep into skin. As a slim-line ample made with carnitine, deoxycholic acid, adipolytic enzyme, etc. for its main ingredients, it helps restore the saggy skin losing elasticity and the impaired skin barrier to make the skin healthy and resilient.

How to use: * Please be careful not to get a cut on your hand from the aluminum cut part when opening it.

  1. Raise transparent plastic from an arrow part and lean the lid back completely.

  2. Turn it counterclockwise.

  3. Take the content out of the product with a syringe and use it by applying the suitable amount to the region required.

TIP After MTS and various skin procedures, put regeneration care, wrinkle care, and skin-lightening care programs in it in the last phase and utilize it as an application solvent for finishing it so that their effects and satisfaction can be raised.


  • Use the product right after opening it.

  • Discard the rest of the product which was not used after opening it.

  • Do not sterilize the product again.

  • Do not use damaged products.

  • Do not use products that passed their expiration.

  • Keep it out of infants or children’s reach.

(* Use it immediately after opening the vial discard it within 7 days because it is made by nonaseptic and sterile processing.)



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