450 gr/jar

How to use
Apply 0.25-0.66 gr (23-62 mg of lidocaine) to the application area for 15 to 20 minutes prior to the procedure for the adults. Cover the area in plastic wrap for a better effect.
Do not exceed 2 gr (184 mg as lidocaine) in 24 hours.

Storage Condition
Store in airtight container at room temperature (1-30ºC).

T.A Bio Tech Co., Ltd.


TOPTEN PRO is an anesthesia cream made to deal with pain deriving from tattoos, piercings, permanent make-up or similar treatments. During these kind of treatments, most people experience pain and in most cases, the pain is what is most feared about getting these treatments. But with the TOPTEN PRO cream , you can undergo most on-skin treatments without pain. If you are considering treatments as mentioned above, or anything alike, you no longer have to worn/ about the pain during and after the session due to the anaesthetizing effect of the numbing cream. With TOPTEN PRO cream, you will be closer than ever to the tattoo of your dreams.


  • Packaging type: 450g/Jar

  • Appearance: White Cream

  • Main Ingredient: Lidocaine 2.5 %, prilocaine 2.5%

  • Shelf life: 36months from the date of manufacture

  • Efficacy: Anesthetic cream, mainly used for tatoo operation, laser operation, semi-permanent make-up, MTS operation, filler operation, etc.

  • Store: store in airtight container at room temperature(1-30°C)

  • Country of Origin: Republic of Korea

“Genuine-Quality” Topical Anesthetic Cream for Numbing Targeted Areas

A Safe and efficient way to temporarily stop pain signals without injection

  • Simple Use: Easy to achieve powerful anesthesia without special skill or tools

  • Non-irritant: Safe with internationally commercialized ingredient composition

  • Pleasant Texture: Pleasant use with odor-free, non-sticky&water- soluble formula

  • Stable Form: Strong thermal resitance technique preventing phase separation

  • Safe-Quality: Made in korea product strictly complying with GMP guidelines

Application Area: Dermatology, Surgery, Aesthetic, Tattoo, Semi-permanent



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